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My Design Album by Floriani

NO MORE Categorizing Hundreds, Thousands, or Tens of Thousands of Designs ONE AT A TIME! With the New Updated “My Design Album” Software, you can catalog every design in your collection with a Key Word and a Click!

Whether it’s by a holiday, a season, or a favorite visual type, just highlight multiple designs and tie them to a single keyword! In no time at all, your favorite design subjects will just be a keyword click away! Save time on categorizing and save time on searching!


  • Change thread colors
  • Split Designs
  • Resize Designs
  • Fit Design to Hoop
  • Do a slow redraw
  • Cut/copy/paste objects
  • Rotate objects
  • Add design notes
  • Vertically and horizontally mirror object
  • Select/view your hoop
  • Print the color sequence guide
  • Save the design into a format needed
  • Batch convert a design into multiple formats