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Riccar Vac Radiance RADP.4

Tandem Air technology, 100% sealed and built to last.

The Radiance uses unique two-motor Tandem Air technology for deep carpet cleaning and powerful tool suction. Its floor cleaning performance is impeccable on bare floors, area rugs and plush wall-to-wall carpet. Beyond the floors, the Radiance has a 40-foot cord and 17-foot cleaning reach to help clean stairs and ceiling corners without tipping.

The Radiance was designed with allergy sufferers in mind. It's 100% sealed HEPA media filtration system includes a self-sealing HEPA media bag and HEPA media filter. Trapping particulates ensures allergens aren't released back into the air. For pet lovers who love their pets but not their odors, a granulated charcoal filter neutralizes odors inside the vacuum.

The Radiance is equipped with Hall sensor jam protection, a serpentine belt that never has to be replaced and metal in all the high-wear areas Riccar backs the Radiance with an outstanding warranty and the Riccar Red Carpet Service program honored by participating retailers.